Thursday 2 July 2015


Hi all! Just thought it was time I gave you all a little update - I haven't posted anything on here since October, oops - worst blogger in the world alert, yet again! 
Anyway, a lot has changed since then, I won't go in to too much detail as we'd be here all day and I probably can't even remember half of it. So the short story is, in January I moved to London and started a new job at Miss Patina head office. Pretty daunting stuff! Last month my boyfriend Will also got a job in London and last week we moved into our very own flat together near Brixton.
I feel like this is a completely new chapter in my life so I am hoping this will inspire me to stick to the blog for the millionth time around. 
Sticking with the theme of big changes, as you can see, I have also changed my blog title! Goodbye Style Fashion Vintage Baby! As much as I loved the silly name I cooked up when I was 16, I think it is finally time to move on! A complete new start! So hopefully I can showcase my semi-interesting, food-filled London life on here!

1. Flowers in Brixton // 2. Off to Ikea // 3. Antique shop in Brixton // 4. London Eye in Waterloo // 5. Me and Willy // 6. Pop Brixton // 7. Vintage shops in Camden // 8. Fabric in Tooting Market // 9. Morden Hall Park // 10. Victoria // 11. Me looking like a div // 12. Neal's Yard in Covent Garden