Wednesday 19 December 2012

Fancy Earrings!

So my love of crazy extravagant earrings has gotten the better of me again! As I predicted, my spending ban isn't going so well but how could I say no when they are so cheap! Primark is one of my favourite places for jewellery, most of it is horrible and tacky (even though sometimes that is a good thing) you sometimes can find some absolute gems! I grabbed the first ones as soon as I saw them, I don't really tend to wear a lot of gold but I love anything with an art deco vibe and couldn't resist! The cuffs were a bit of a let down for me to be honest, I just can't get them to stay on my freakishly small ears! But oooooh my days, look at those last beauties, oh holy jesus! Are they tacky? Are they classy? Who even cares, they are amazing! I can't wait to wear them at a Christmas party with a long black dress, red lips, curled hair and an extremely long cigarette holder! They look like something you'd find tucked away in an attic of a once-fabulous old lady and I absolutely adore them! I just need to buy the matching necklace now!

And here my are some more amazing earrings I'm lusting over this season, some of which I will certainly be asking Santa for!

Mustaches: £4.99- // Multi Coloured Stone Drop: £12- River Island // Black Chain Detail: £13- River Island // Gold Tone Skulls: £5- River Island // Siren 18-karat gold-vermeil lapis lazuli earrings: £125- Monica Vinader // Keyhole bronze, turquoise and onyx: £240- Pamela Love // Magpies: £27- Tatty Devine // Violet Daisies: £6- This Charming Girl // Bowler Hats: £3- River Island // Leopard Heads: £99- Tatty Devine // Imperial Court Earrings: £155- Vivienne Westwood

Tuesday 19 June 2012

pink lace

Lace Shirt- H&M // Belt- Ebay // Bodycon Skirt- Topshop // Tights- Primark // Skull Bag- Miss Selfridges // Shoes- Creepers

Hey guys! You alright? :) Me and Will went shopping today, I went to a few charity shops but found completely nothing, which was disappointing because I need to save money for the summer! (and for rent haha) As soon as I went in to Select though I found like a million things I wanted! I love Select, it's so cheap and tacky but full of hidden gems at times! I ended up buying some black and white stripey leggings which were £8, I've been thinking about getting some for a while but could never find ones that were the right fit for me! I also bought a black chiffon shirt with a lace back panel which was £12 and a black bralet top for £6. I also bought the pink lace shirt in the photo from H&M, it was on the sale ;) I love it so much, it's so cute! ALSO I ordered some creepers on Sunday which came today, so I had to wear them out straight away of course! Me and Will went to Leadmill to watch the England game. Most of you know I am NOT a football fan but anywhere I can drink extremely cheap booze at 5 in the afternoon is fine by me! 
I also did my hair in a lady gaga bow today, it went so well and looked so cute but you can barely see it here! 

Monday 11 June 2012



Hey lovelies, I've been meaning to update all week but every time I come to Will's house to use the internet (the internet in my flat isn't working) I forget my camera! I'm so useless! I have a few outfits photos to post and some pictures from the fashion exhibition from the V&A museum in London, me and Will went down last week because he had a job interview. Anyway I thought I'd upload my current wishlist, it looks so gothic for some reason! I don't know why everything I'm lusting over at the moment is black but there you go!

1. Leather Jacket / 2. Black Suede Creepers / 3. Polka Dot Pin-Up Dress / 4. Velvet Skater Dress / 5. Silver Cross Necklace / 6. Black & White Stripe Blazer / 7. Black Pearl Collar / 8. Pleated Leather Skirt / 9. Black Heart-Shaped Sunglasses / 10. Leather Studded Bag / 11. Assortment of Silver Rings / 12. Black Studded Jeffrey Campbell Boots / 13. Black Cross Leggings / 14. Velvet Cat Slip-On Shoes

Anyway I'm off to work in a few hours, then me and Will are travelling back to London tomorrow morning, we're finally going to go the Damien Hirst exhibition at the Tate Modern then I'm going to the Manchester Art School show at Graduate Fashion Week, I'm so excited! Our next brief for uni is to create a personal diary sketchbook based on GFW, it's going to be so amazing! Is anyone else going? I'll post pics soon I promise :)
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Monday 30 April 2012

ANOTHER new pair of shoes!

Hey lovelies, sorry I haven't posted this week, I've been swept off my feet! I have 4 deadlines coming up in the next 3 weeks, including a giant one on Friday which I am working on as we speak! Anyway I just wanted to show you all another pair of new shoes! I don't know whether I mentioned them last week when I ordered them but they arrived on Monday and I absolutely love them! They are surprisingly easy to walk in! Although I haven't worn them outside of the flat yet as the weather here is unbelievably bad! It's so annoying! Anyway I don't really have much other news, apart from I'm going to see Ryan Adams on Friday!!! I'm so excited!!! Hope you're all having an amazing week! xxx

Tuesday 17 April 2012

missguided skirt

Top- Topshop // Dipped Hem Skirt- Missguided // Bag- Miss Selfridges // Shoes- Azuri // Belt- Ebay

Hey lovelies, how are you all? I'm back in Sheffield now! I traveled back down on Sunday on the coach. On Sunday night me and my friend Fionn went out for a few quiet drinks which obviously lead to me getting absolutely rolling drunk and staying out all night haha! Yesterday, I spent the day unpacking, tidying my room, attempting to do uni work and just generally lazing around. Last night me and Will went to Nando's, I was only there on Thursday with Bekah and Robbie, but I'm too greedy to care haha! I wore the outfit in the picture. I got the skirt from missguided with my shoes but haven't had a chance to upload a picture yet! Anyway I'm spending the rest of the day making my white shirt toille! Hope you all have a lovely day!

Thursday 12 April 2012

my new favourite shoes

Hey lovelies, just thought I'd show you yet another pair of new shoes! I need to stop buying shoes, I must have hundreds of pairs but I just can't help myself! I absolutely love these ones though, they are from I'm even tempted to buy them in another colour haha!

I'm just attempting to do a bit of uni work at the minute, I planned on doing loads this week but haven't done any so far! I'm off to Nando's with Bekah and Robbie at 6:30... just an excuse to wear these new shoes haha! Have a good day lovelies :) xoxox

Wednesday 11 April 2012

new make-up

Hey lovelies! How are you all? I'm insanely hungover! Me and Craig went on an impulsive night-out to Sunderland last night. It's gay night on a Tuesday and we had such a good laugh, my dance-moves were out of this world! I've spent today with family which has been lovely and also dying in bed which hasn't been great haha!
Anyway just thought I'd show you a few bits and bobs I bought the other day from Superdrug! I usually buy make-up from Boots because I like to save my points up but Superdrug have some really nice brands I'd never tried before. I got 2 Sleek lipsticks, in 'Cherry' and 'Amped.' They are really nice and bright and so cheap, only £3.99! And Barry M nail polish in 'Strawberry' which I love! And a MeMeMe blusher in 'pink' which I haven't tried yet!

Tuesday 10 April 2012


Hiya lovelies! How are you all? I'm back from Newquay, well I got back on Friday but I spent the weekend at Will's in Grimsby. I'm back home in the North East now, loving being treated like a princess off my Mam and Dad :) I'm spending the day lazing around with Tigerlilly waiting for my Missguided package to be delivered!
Anyway here is some photos from Newquay! It took us around 7 hours to drive there on Monday so we didn't really do much when we arrived. On Tuesday we went to Padstow, it was so cute. I visited there a few years ago with my family. We looked around all the cute little shops and we tried a battered creme egg from one of the fish & chip shops, it was so nice! I wanted to get one of those hair braids like you got when you were little but the rain was so bad that the woman went home!

On Tuesday we went in to Newquay town to do some shopping etc. I bought some new jeggings and a cute stripey wool jumper! We had lunch in a cute little cafe' and then we got our feet done by those little fishies! They felt so weird! My hair is a mess here because the weather was awful, wind and rain all day!

On Thursday, we went to Jamie Oliver's restaurant, Fifteen. It was absolutely amazing, the food was incredible!

My starter: Baked ricotta with shaved florence fennel, blood oranges and almonds.

My main: The lightest potato gnocchi with datterini tomatoes, rocket and rosary goats cheese.

I didn't get a photo of my dessert because I ate it straight away but it was: Wildflower honey panna cotta, poached italian plums and the lightest shortbread. It was so good!
After the meal, we walked along Crantock beach which was lovely, just so cold!
And we traveled home on Friday, it was a great week, I can't wait to go back in August!

I hope you've all had a good week m'dears! Bye! xox

Sunday 1 April 2012

this was meant to be published last week

Hey lovelies, just a quick cheeky post to show you my new shoes! I love them so much! Everyone's probably already seen them in Primark, I've had my eye on them for weeks! My student loan went in 2 days early so I thought I'd treat myself! I bought a gorgeous pink lacy dress too, I wore it last night for Ross's birthday night out. It was a crazy night, I'm feeling so rough now! I drank so much gin! Anyway I'm off to Newquay on Monday so I'll see you in a week my lovelies!

Tuesday 27 March 2012


Top- Topshop // Belt- River Island // Skirt- Select // Sunglasses- H&M // Clutch Bag- Miss Selfridges // Shoes- Garage

Hi lovelies, check me out updating 2 days in a row! Anyway this is the outfit I wore today, the sunshine here is so amazing! Unfortunately I've been sleeping/doing uni work all day! I had to go to uni this morning at like 8am to talk to my tutor about the group styling project, we should have gotten 90% on it but someone added a load of unnecessary text which ruined it, nevermind! I'll try and upload the photos on here soon, they were actually really good, they were meant for Dazed & Confused magazine. After that I thought I had a lesson but turns out it's not til tomorrow, so I did a little shopping instead! I got a bikini thing that actually suits my stupidly curvy figure, yay! I really love it! I also got some boring bits and bobs like work shoes, tights and make-up! When I got home I slept for like 5 hours then carried on with my white shirt technical flats which seem to be taking a lifetime! But I'm off to work now m'dears so have a good day :) xxx 

Bikini thing- Primark- £8

Wednesday 29 February 2012

Recent Purchases

Clutch bag- Primark, £3

Brogues- Primark, £6

Satchel- New Look, £19.99

Shoes- Select, £8 (i'm not sure if i really like these)

Fashionary sketchbook-, £15.50

White Shirt Brief

Here are a few pages from my current sketchbook, bit shit but they're just initial ideas :)