Thursday 13 October 2011

finally an outfit post from sheffield

Top- Topshop // Skirt- New Look // Bag- Primark // Belt- Bekah's

Hi lovelies, it's been sooo long since I last updated! I can't stand not having internet, my charger came yesterday but I'm still waiting for internet so I still can't really blog properly, gutted! Anyway I thought I'd give you all an outfit post seeing as though I can't even remember the last time I did one! I'm really trying to make an effort with the way I look for uni this year, I feel like when I dress/look better, I work better. And I am working so hard this year. I love it though, I LOVE designing! I'll post some pics of my work soon! 
Anyway I haven't done a thing today (the outfit in the photo was from last week) Me and Will just lazed around the flat and then I went off to work. I was collecting data at the O2 academy while Skepta played. I really love my job! Everything is going well for me at the moment apart from my severe lack of money. It all went on rent and supplies for uni, oh and the occasional trip to Pizza Hut ;) 
It's an early night for me tonight though, got a 9 o'clock start tomorrow then maybe off out for cheeky drinks tomorrow night! I hope you're all well my lovelies, I'm going to try and catch up and comment on all of your blogs asap! Mwah! x