Thursday 23 June 2011


I've finally reached 500 followers! Thank you so much everyone! And here is my first giveaway as promised! It's international so everyone can enter!

The winner will receive: purple faux leather purse from Accessorize, Rocks by Giles Deacon necklace worth £30, 4 Cath Kidston badges, nude bow ring: size M, 17 nail polish in Pink Grapefruit, No7 Extreme Length Mascara in Iridescent Sapphire and No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil in Brown.

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The winner will be chosen at random on Thursday 7th July, good luck everyone :) x

Tuesday 21 June 2011

flying upside down

Hey lovelies & hello and thank you to all of my new followers! How are you all? Well yesterday I walked to the town centre to pick up a few things, I needed an A3 sketchbook and some different threads for my sewing machine, anyway I ended up bumping into Bekah and Robbie so we decided to get some drinks in and go to Bekah's house, we had so much fun and everyone came down! And I got to wear my lush new skirt!
Top, Belt- Topshop. Skirt- New Look. Necklaces- Vintage. Shoes- Garage Shoes. Bag, Sunglasses- Primark. Lipstick- Barry M number 62.

I also bought Company magazine, with the free liquid and pencil eyeliner, I've seen people mention it on a few different blogs but I don't think it looks very good to be honest. I also bought Rimmel Glam Eyes Day 2 Night mascara but I've accidently bought brown black instead of black, Batiste dry shampoo, a gorgeous ring and a new belly bar  from Asda :)

Also when I was at Bekah's, she painted my nails leopard print with her Model's Own nail pen, I love them they look gorgeous! Check out Bekah's blog here.

Today, I'm planning on tidying my room, lazing about and reading magazines until later, we're all going to Craig's house for drinks, I can't wait! Bye lovelies, will update soon :) x
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Sunday 19 June 2011

Sewing machine

Hey lovelies, this is just a quick teeny tiny post to show you all the sewing machine I got for my birthday last month! I've been using it today and realised I haven't posted a picture of it yet! It's so cute and little and ideal for just small things and light fabrics. And especially ideal for traveling between uni and home. It looks like it's for kids but it gets the job done so I don't mind ha! I will eventually have to get a better one, I had a proper one a while ago but it gave in and that's why I got this one! Today I've made a cute little purse for myself (will post a pic soon) I want to make more but I need to go buy some zips and get some more different fabrics! I haven't done much else today, just saw family, gave my Dad his fathers day presents etc :)

Tomorrow, I am going to go out and try to get myself a job so fingers crossed! I also need to get a few bits and bobs from the town centre, I need lots of paper for my summer project, I don't even know what it is yet but might as well get prepared! Also just letting everyone know I have decided that I am definitely going to do  the giveaway when I reach 500 followers- so get following! ha :) Bye lovelies, hope you've all had a lush weekend x

Friday 17 June 2011

kisses start wars

Hello my dears, just want to say a big thank you to my new followers- I appreciate you so much and all of my older followers too of course! Well, I mentioned yesterday that me and my girls were going to go to Sunderland tonight but that fell through, everyone says that they're too busy or don't have any money. I've been back in the north east since monday and I've only been out and saw my friends once, I hope it's not like this for the whole summer. I could really do with making a few more friends. Anyway, today I've been to visit my Grandma and the rest of the family. My cousin Natalie and her baby twins were there, they're around 14 months now, the time has gone so quickly and they really are the most beautiful babies ever! It was lovely seeing everyone again.
So today, my mama nipped to the town center and brought me some little goodies back. I think that this little bag must be on some sort of offer thing at Boots at the moment, I don't know, it is lovely though. Inside it there is cute little leopard print heart nail transfers, a leopard print nail file and two nail polishes in Knockout Red and Pink Grapefruit. I haven't tried them yet, but I'm looking forward too. I never buy 17 things and have never tried the nail polish before, has anyone else?

Mama also got me this too because I mentioned I needed a new foundation. I usually always always wear Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid. I don't know why she got me 'Renew and Lift' foundation haha, but normally I really don't like Rimmel foundations but this one is okay. Like it looks really nice and even when it's on, but I have to put a lot of powder on too. But I think it feels really thick when I'm applying it and I sometimes worry it has a bit of an orangey tinge even though it's one of the palest shades, I don't know.

I have no plans at all for tonight, I hate staying in on a Friday as well! I'll probably just watch some nice girly films and phone Will, I'm missing him loads! Tomorrow, I think me and mama are going shopping in the Metro Centre then hopefully going to Bekah's house for a drink on the evening- I miss her loads, I haven't seen her in months! Hope you all have a lovely weekend dears :) Much love x