Tuesday 19 June 2012

pink lace

Lace Shirt- H&M // Belt- Ebay // Bodycon Skirt- Topshop // Tights- Primark // Skull Bag- Miss Selfridges // Shoes- Creepers

Hey guys! You alright? :) Me and Will went shopping today, I went to a few charity shops but found completely nothing, which was disappointing because I need to save money for the summer! (and for rent haha) As soon as I went in to Select though I found like a million things I wanted! I love Select, it's so cheap and tacky but full of hidden gems at times! I ended up buying some black and white stripey leggings which were £8, I've been thinking about getting some for a while but could never find ones that were the right fit for me! I also bought a black chiffon shirt with a lace back panel which was £12 and a black bralet top for £6. I also bought the pink lace shirt in the photo from H&M, it was on the sale ;) I love it so much, it's so cute! ALSO I ordered some creepers on Sunday which came today, so I had to wear them out straight away of course! Me and Will went to Leadmill to watch the England game. Most of you know I am NOT a football fan but anywhere I can drink extremely cheap booze at 5 in the afternoon is fine by me! 
I also did my hair in a lady gaga bow today, it went so well and looked so cute but you can barely see it here! 

Monday 11 June 2012



Hey lovelies, I've been meaning to update all week but every time I come to Will's house to use the internet (the internet in my flat isn't working) I forget my camera! I'm so useless! I have a few outfits photos to post and some pictures from the fashion exhibition from the V&A museum in London, me and Will went down last week because he had a job interview. Anyway I thought I'd upload my current wishlist, it looks so gothic for some reason! I don't know why everything I'm lusting over at the moment is black but there you go!

1. Leather Jacket / 2. Black Suede Creepers / 3. Polka Dot Pin-Up Dress / 4. Velvet Skater Dress / 5. Silver Cross Necklace / 6. Black & White Stripe Blazer / 7. Black Pearl Collar / 8. Pleated Leather Skirt / 9. Black Heart-Shaped Sunglasses / 10. Leather Studded Bag / 11. Assortment of Silver Rings / 12. Black Studded Jeffrey Campbell Boots / 13. Black Cross Leggings / 14. Velvet Cat Slip-On Shoes

Anyway I'm off to work in a few hours, then me and Will are travelling back to London tomorrow morning, we're finally going to go the Damien Hirst exhibition at the Tate Modern then I'm going to the Manchester Art School show at Graduate Fashion Week, I'm so excited! Our next brief for uni is to create a personal diary sketchbook based on GFW, it's going to be so amazing! Is anyone else going? I'll post pics soon I promise :)
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