Wednesday 8 October 2014

Manchester, Grimsby and London

Hey guys! So i think I mentioned in a post from last week that I was going on my travels for a week with the boyf so i thought I'd give you a little update and show you a few snapshots. 
First of all, I travelled down to Manchester on the train, Will actually met me there (he lives in Grimsby and I live in County Durham) We actually stayed in an Ibis hotel which was loads better than we were both expecting. While we were in Manchester we just did a bit of shopping and ate so much good food, in the form of my first ever Taco Bell and the best veggie burger I have ever eaten in my life from the Hard Rock Cafe! The reason we were in Manchester was to go and see Ryan Adams, who is my favourite musician of all time ever, I adore him. We saw him once before in Sheffield a few years ago and he definitely did not disappoint for the second time around. If you've never heard of him, I definitely recommend you give him a listen! 
After Manchester, me and Will drove back to his house in Grimsby for a few days which was so nice and relaxing and involved breakfast in bed, shopping and lots of lazing in bed watching telly! 
We then drove down to Kent to visit our best friends from uni as it was Naomi's 23rd birthday. We ended up going to a boat party in London which was incredible, it was so amazing seeing London all lit up from the middle of the Thames! We spent a few more days there just chilling and catching up which was long overdue and so nice! 
Unfortunately after that it was back to reality and back to work! 
I hope you enjoyed this post guys, let me know what you think of these sort of posts and whether or not I should keep doing them!