Sunday 30 August 2009

Scruffy Saturday

Hello lovelies :) This is what I wore yesterday, I didn't do anything at all haha. Actually I drew in my summer sketchbook a bit, I need to do 'detailed drawings' so I drew a skull :)
Anyway this is my new jumper from Topman :) I bought a Topman ring too, it's a bit too big though because I practically have skeleton fingers, they're so thin hahah, it had like vintage postcard style pictures on, I may take a photo one day :')


I'm not doing anything today either hahaha :')
I'm not back at college til Wednesday 9th September, woohoo! But I think I'm going in on Tuesday with Bekah :)

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Another award haha :)

I have recieved another award today, I am such a lucky girl :)
This one is from
I am passing it onto:

For this award you have to list 7 things about yourself.
(this is pretty random haha)

1. The bbc are interveiwing me on the 20th of August when I get my AS level results and I am so nervous :')
2. I was annouced the 'best dressed in year 8' on the radio when I was in School :')
3. I once got punched by an old man on the bus on the way to Newcastle.
4. I used to be really fat & I've lost like 2 and a half stone.
5. Josh from The Horrors once put his hand on my head. That was a good day.
6. My Grandma has a coat made of rabbits in her loft and even though I'm vegetarian and I'm against fur, I really want it!
7. I am moving to Newcastle next year & I CAN'T WAIT :)

Edit: This is Bekah's account of number 3 lmao :')

"would you rather my wife was sick or the window was closed"
kate says "err the window was closed"
then the man punched you and not kate :')
and you rang your dad and was like
then robyn went downstairs and told the driver and he stopped the bus in the middle of the a19 and the whole top floor was arguing with him and he wouldnt go downstairs aaaaahahaha