Wednesday 19 December 2012

Fancy Earrings!

So my love of crazy extravagant earrings has gotten the better of me again! As I predicted, my spending ban isn't going so well but how could I say no when they are so cheap! Primark is one of my favourite places for jewellery, most of it is horrible and tacky (even though sometimes that is a good thing) you sometimes can find some absolute gems! I grabbed the first ones as soon as I saw them, I don't really tend to wear a lot of gold but I love anything with an art deco vibe and couldn't resist! The cuffs were a bit of a let down for me to be honest, I just can't get them to stay on my freakishly small ears! But oooooh my days, look at those last beauties, oh holy jesus! Are they tacky? Are they classy? Who even cares, they are amazing! I can't wait to wear them at a Christmas party with a long black dress, red lips, curled hair and an extremely long cigarette holder! They look like something you'd find tucked away in an attic of a once-fabulous old lady and I absolutely adore them! I just need to buy the matching necklace now!

And here my are some more amazing earrings I'm lusting over this season, some of which I will certainly be asking Santa for!

Mustaches: £4.99- // Multi Coloured Stone Drop: £12- River Island // Black Chain Detail: £13- River Island // Gold Tone Skulls: £5- River Island // Siren 18-karat gold-vermeil lapis lazuli earrings: £125- Monica Vinader // Keyhole bronze, turquoise and onyx: £240- Pamela Love // Magpies: £27- Tatty Devine // Violet Daisies: £6- This Charming Girl // Bowler Hats: £3- River Island // Leopard Heads: £99- Tatty Devine // Imperial Court Earrings: £155- Vivienne Westwood