Tuesday 27 March 2012


Top- Topshop // Belt- River Island // Skirt- Select // Sunglasses- H&M // Clutch Bag- Miss Selfridges // Shoes- Garage

Hi lovelies, check me out updating 2 days in a row! Anyway this is the outfit I wore today, the sunshine here is so amazing! Unfortunately I've been sleeping/doing uni work all day! I had to go to uni this morning at like 8am to talk to my tutor about the group styling project, we should have gotten 90% on it but someone added a load of unnecessary text which ruined it, nevermind! I'll try and upload the photos on here soon, they were actually really good, they were meant for Dazed & Confused magazine. After that I thought I had a lesson but turns out it's not til tomorrow, so I did a little shopping instead! I got a bikini thing that actually suits my stupidly curvy figure, yay! I really love it! I also got some boring bits and bobs like work shoes, tights and make-up! When I got home I slept for like 5 hours then carried on with my white shirt technical flats which seem to be taking a lifetime! But I'm off to work now m'dears so have a good day :) xxx 

Bikini thing- Primark- £8