Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Hellooooo here is a picture of me I took the other day. I'm seriously seriously considering dying my hair ginger, like Paloma Faith's ♥ ♥ Not too sure whether or not I'd suit it though :/ Me & my Grandma are going to see the Birmingham Royal Ballet tonight, I actually can't wait :) Bekah bought me some lovely tights from Topshop when she was in London, with seams down the back so I think I might wear them tonight :) She got me a beautiful brooch and bracelet too, I'll have to blog pictures soon, I'm going to try hard to get back to blogging normally instead of just posting pics of nights out. I think I need to calm down a bit to be honest or I think I might fail college :/



Emma (girlwiththearabstrap) said...

Love your hair here. :) And ginger hair ftw! I actually think you'd suit it. xo

un petit lapin said...

You look absolutely gorgeous in this photo :)

I think you would suit ginger!

Elise said...

lucky you - as you know, my whole blog is about ballet !

Billie-Jo said...

You look beautiful in that picture!
How do you get your hair like thatttt?
I think you could pull off the ginger but the blondes sooo nice dont change it! lol
:) xxxxx

Niky Casadei said...

But your hair are beautiful in this way! Don't do this!


Abby-Lee said...

Hiii! I love your blog too :) Haha go for itt! I love that picture, your hair and makeup is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Oh i LOVE this look. love the hair :P xxx