Sunday, 30 August 2009

Scruffy Saturday

Hello lovelies :) This is what I wore yesterday, I didn't do anything at all haha. Actually I drew in my summer sketchbook a bit, I need to do 'detailed drawings' so I drew a skull :)
Anyway this is my new jumper from Topman :) I bought a Topman ring too, it's a bit too big though because I practically have skeleton fingers, they're so thin hahah, it had like vintage postcard style pictures on, I may take a photo one day :')


I'm not doing anything today either hahaha :')
I'm not back at college til Wednesday 9th September, woohoo! But I think I'm going in on Tuesday with Bekah :)


Alice said...

Ooh lucky, I'm back to school this Thursday coming and I still haven't finished all my work D:
I love that jumper, it looks comfy.
Aw, Luke sounds like such a sweetie :)

Billie-Jo said...

The denim jacket looks really good with the jumper, I would have never of thought! ha
Plus your hairs beautiful as always!

LULUSTAR. said...

sweet girl...relaxing days are cool...just dont do anything that...i need to go back to work tomorrow...after 2 weeks off!lucky you...enjoy your time!kisses

amyyyyy. said...

That jumper looks so comfy, and goes really well with the jacket :)


la petite fille avec la vie a la mode said...

so sweet luke made it up to you... haha cute.
anywho love the jumper. it looks real cool on you1

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

hehe sounds like lovely presents from your boyfriend! :)

i have given you an award on my blog.

A "cheery" disposition said...

you have such cute style... plus i just love your hair.

Leproust Vintage said...

Love your jacket! That "sorry" gift sounds ten times better than any flowers or card! Perfect!

xtinagirl said...

Oooh I don't start til the end of September!


Jessica said...

the denim looks adorable you paired it with your jumper !! :)