Friday, 20 November 2009

nomnomnom new bag

Hello lovelies :} I got paid yesterday, so I went on a little spending spree in Durham. I actually think I have a shopping addiction hahah. I bought this beautiful bag from River Island :)
I bought the vintage dress from the previous post, I didn't get the hat though. I think we're going out on Monday night so I'm going to wear the dress then :} Also the lady from the vintage shop took down my phone number so hopefully I'll get a job there :)
Anyway, I also bought a pair of beautiful Carvella shoes & a sequin show girl type crop top from a charity shop. And I got a grey blazer from Miss Selfridges. I will post pics as soon as possible, my camera has been dead for a while though hahah :)
AND I dyed my hair ginger last night :D
Ooooh and Gok Wan is in Durham filming today so I'm gonna hang round the town all day hahaha!



Marie said...
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Braffkins... said...

Hey Betty. Just wanted to say I love your blog!Haha!
Braff @

Ana said...

I can't believe you dyed your hair!!!! i can't imagine you without your blonde hair! but i'm sure you look lovely as always (:

the_eye_collector said...

Hey, whereabouts is Ding Dong vintage? I'm a student in Durham and I keep hearing about it. I would love to go but have no idea where to find it!