Wednesday, 29 February 2012

White Shirt Brief

Here are a few pages from my current sketchbook, bit shit but they're just initial ideas :)


Gwen said...

Great work so far! This reminds me of when I did fashion for all of 10 minutes. We had to do this exact project and I still have a wardrobe full of white shirts! xx

Natalie Molyneux said...

Hi! I had a talk of a women called 'Julie Haslam' the other week and she did a whole project on white shirts! It was really interesting, she made quite a few, cant remember how many, plain white shirts out of different materials and did loads of different things with them! I looked at her site but she's not got anything about that project on it! If you find her email she would probably tell you all about it, its really good! sorry if this piece of information is useless!


Jodie said...

your drawings are really good!
very imaginative! xxx