Sunday, 13 March 2011


On Friday, me and the girls went to Meadowhall. I didn't buy much because I have barely any money left but we did go to Mcdonalds :) Then when we came home we watched girly films all night and ate sweeties! On Saturday, we went shopping in the town. We went to the market so I could buy some gold fabric for my project but I couldn't find anything useful. Then we went to Yates for drinks and lunch, it was a lush day! Here's what I bought:
Men's Sunglasses- Primark // Feather hair band- Primark // Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation

Anyway today, I have so much work to do on my project. I need to do more research, do more sketching and find a fabric I can use which I can actually buy somewhere! Hope you're all well lovelies! xx


lydia lee said...

i swear by dream satin liquid! i bought that feather hairband thing too and i love it so much, think i will wear it as a necklace though!

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Hannah. said...

Lovely buys! :)
loooooove the sunglasses alot! xxx