Sunday, 26 July 2009

Fahita Party & Strawberry picking

Hello there :) This is what I wore for the fahita party on Friday night. It was an alright night, I was very drunk as usual haha, I decided it would be a good idea to go on the trampoline while I was drunk :') Oh and by the way, those shoes are the most difficult shoes I've ever had to walk in, in my life! It took me about half an hour to nip round the corner to the shop for some cider hahaha :')
Dress- Triple S. Cardigan, Bag- Primark. Shoes- New Look.


Oh anyway, yesterday we went strawberry picking, but I left my camera in the car so I didn't take any nice pictures of the strawberries or the feilds. Today we're going to melt some chocolate and dip them in :)




We also went to the 'Maize Maze' in Yorkshire, we were in it for like an hour! It was lots of fun & there was lots of lovely little ladybirds everywhere :) And we got to hold little dwarf rabbits in the 'play area' bit haha. There was a big slide but I was too old to go on!


After we went to this beautiful little village, I don't know what it was called though. We went into the most amazing shop ever! It sold everything Cath Kidston, handmade hearts, Christian Laboutin shoes, pretty little notebooks and candles and lots more :) xxx


betty said...

I love your make up!

Anonymous said...

that shop looks really cool! and i love your outfit and woo i've been to a maize maze before they're really fun!

sheri amor said...

so stylish.. I envy ur clothes :)

ONiC said...

you're very beautiful. love your dress.
and i also tagging you to write down 6 things that make you happy :]

Alice said...

it looks like you had a lovely time :)
cheers for the warning about the shoes - i was gonna buy some of them as well.
and i'm so happy for you & luke, you're really sweet together.

precious smileyy said...

LOVE your hair <3 and that dress, very pretty. x

Billie-Jo said...

i want that dress sooo bad ive searched everywhere for it and cant find it :( haha
strawverry picking sounds amazingggg!

Anonymous said...

Looking great! Hope you enjoyed your night!

Style & Beyond said...

very cute harlequin dress!!


un petit lapin said...

Oooh the maize maze! I've heard of that, it sounds really cool! That shop you went to sounds lovely as well <3

tiff said...

I'm in love with that dress! You look great, love the makeup :).