Thursday, 4 June 2009

Vintage fur coat

I haven't actually posted a decent picture of the fur coat i bought last week. So here's an okay one. Today, I went up to college. I'm going to apply for some more jobs this week. Arggg it's driving me mad. When I go to Northumbria Uni next year, I'm going to work in a cool vintage shop, and take burlesque dancing lessons :)
I think i might put my extensions back in :')  I'm getting bored of my hair again haha.



Burnt Toast said...

haha i'm going to northumbria too if i dont get into newcastle! what subject you doing? mines eng lit, politics and history ¬.¬ i know how fun hahax x x

cuteseas said...

i love the coat!

brandi milne said...

You aren't boring, you're so super cute and sweet!! Kiss!!